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Swak sa budget!

Fiesta Communities, Olongapo City

7 KM away from Olongapo City Town Proper
It is strategically located near the city with the convenience of public facilities and conveyances. Institutions and establishments in the area include Cabalan Elementary and Highschool, Cabalan Barangay Hall and Cabalan Public Market

House and lot for as low as Php 4,113.11 montly installment.

Bakit mangungupahan pa kung kaya mong MAGKABAHAY na!

-VP Noli De Castro (HUDCC Chairman)


  • Elegant entrance gate with 24hrs security check

  • Function hall and landscaped garden for relaxation

  • Parks and children's playground

  • Basketball court

  • Parking area

  • Concrete Roads, curbs and gutter

  • Concrete sidewalks

  • Underground concrete drainage system

  • Underground waterline piping system

  • Pre-cast Electrical Post

  • Commercial Stalls

  • Concrete perimeter fence within subdivision premises.
click the picture or this link
to view sample computation for Pag ibig financing for 20-30 years.

click the picture to view sample computation for in house financing for 1-10 years.

contact ELISA @09183814762 (smart) / 09065443908 (globe) email:
for more info and free tripping.

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Basic Requirements:

1x1 ID picture with signature at the back (3 pcs.)
TIN Card, Photocopy (1 copy)
Birth Certificate, photocopy (1 copy)
Marriage Contract, photocopy (1 copy)
Resident Certificate, (latest sedula) photocopy (1 copy)
Proof of billing (Electric, Water bill, Phone, Cable, etc) (1 copy)
Proof of Income - any of the ff:
MSVS- Membership Status Verification slip- Orig & Photocopy (2 copies)
with accomplished Pag-ibig Housing loan counseling Questionnaire (PHLCQ) & photocopy of 2 valid ID's bearing picture of applicant duly authenticated by HDMF

Private offices:

CEC - Certificate of Employment and Compensation (1 orig, & 2 photocopies)
Latest Payslip (1 month), certified true copy (1 orig, & 2 photocopies)
Latest 24 Mos. Remittances (for contributions remitted outside Pampanga only)
ITR or BIR form 2316

Local-National offices:

CEC - Certificate of Employment and Compensation (1 orig, & 2 photocopies)
Latest Payslip (1 month), certified true copy (1 orig, & 2 photocopies)
Service Record, issued current year (1 orig, & 2 photocopies)
ITR or BIR form 2316 (2 photocopies)


Contract of Employment or Certificate of Income (1 orig, & 2 photocopies)
Passport - Showing Proof of Exit from the Phils. (2 photocopies)
SPA - Acknowledged by Phil. Embassy/Consulate (1 orig, & 2 photocopies)
Plane Ticket (2 photocopies)
Latest 24 Mos. remittances with passbook. (2 photocopies)


Passport size picture (1pc)
Birth certificate/if married Marriage Certificate, photocopy (1 copy each)
Resident Certificate, (latest sedula) photocopy (1 copy)
TIN Card, Photocopy (1 copy)
Specimen Signature
Proof of billing (Electric, Water bill, Phone, Cable, etc) (1 copy)
Proof of Income - any of the ff:

Employed: CEC or Payslip indicating all deductions
Self Employed: Bank Statement or Affidavit of Income

Note: If the borrower will be financed by others, show a certificate that the borrower is receiving a monthly income from the financer.

Row Houses Video Clip

(Iwas sunog na, iwas anay pa, dahil sa concrete walls at metal frames!)

Foundations: Reinforce concrete footing tie beams
Walls: Interior- Drywall partition with gypsum board
Exterior- CHB wall load bearing
Wall finishes: Plastered finished coated with premium paint
Window: Steel casement window
Doors: Flush Door
Ceiling: Interior - Metal ceiling frame with gypsum board
Exterior - Metal ceiling frame with hardiflex board
Roofing: Rib type
Floor Finishes: Floor tiles
Kitchen: Counter tiles
Toilet and Bath: Complete set of water closet, shower and floor titles
Electrical System: Lighting and power system insulated with flexible conduit
Plumbing System: Conventional septic tank

entrance gate
master bedroom
rowhouse with carport
row houses

Bungalow Type ROW HOUSE UNIT (cash value)

1-BEDROOM Php 550k
Lot Area 5x10m=50sq.m
Flr Area 21.50 sq.m

2-BEDROOM Php 650k
Lot Area 5x10m=50sq.m
Flr Area 31.20 sq.m

3-BEDROOM Php 750k
Lot Area 5x10m=50sq.m
Flr Area 37.40 sq.m

Corporate History - Hausland Dev. Corp. (HLDC)

Corporate History

With a heart to serve the masses, the founders of Hausland Development Corporation (HLDC) nurtured the birth of a new company called, FIESTA Communities, Inc., to focus on the development of socialized housing in Central and Northern Luzon Region in 2007. Being in this line of business for two decades and after 19 successful low-cost and socialized housing projects, HLDC has been a recipient of numerous awards including the prestigious 1st Kabalikat sa Pabahay Developer of the Year Award conferred by the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC), handed over by Her Excellency, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Among its other awards are: (link to credibility site of HLDC)

By utilizing minds, undertaking great sacrifices and capitalizing on the experiences gained by HLDC through the years, FIESTA Communities, Inc. accepts the challenge of producing quality and affordable housing projects despite the rapid escalation of costs of raw materials. It further develops what HLDC has accomplished. It vies to correct the belief that only financially privileged people can acquire housing units by accepting the challenge of producing very affordable housing packages situated on safe and decent subdivision projects. Its operation and management is highly similar to what is governing its affiliate company.



FIESTA Communities, Inc. was born out of a vision of realizing hopes and uplifting lives through affordable housing for the Filipino working class.

FIESTA is an acronym of the company's core values, philosophy and mission.

- It starts with the Family, with top priority securing the welfare of the basic unit of the society.
- It opens the door of opportunity to that seemingly incapable class to manage their finances well and make good about their money, educating them on the importance of Investment.
- It provides a decent, dignified and safe living Environment, characterizing the festive and communal spirit of Filipinos.
- It addresses the problem of Shelter for the working class by ensuring certainty and security of home ownership, as envisioned by the government.
- It continuously innovates inexpensive, durable and reliable Technology to be able to provide housing units of good quality.
- It makes housing absolutely Affordable through the concerted efforts of the government, financial institutions and the private sector.

"If there is one thing to identify the success I’m experiencing, it has got to be my social concern. (It) is not merely about building houses but making homes."

Wilfredo M. Tan
FIESTA Communities, Incorporated